Cosplaying and Gender

*Tip toes around topic* Yep, you read the title right. I’m going to talk about cosplaying ouran-high-school-host-cluband gender. First off, let me ask you this: Can tell who is the “girl” in the image without having watched the show? Follow up questions: How? and Are you sure? If you can’t and it doesn’t bother you, then feel free to continue reading. Gender, in cosplaying, is tricky to discuss. If I had to say “I don’t see gender” I would be lying. I love seeing gender bent characters like Female Natsu from Fairy Tail, Male Misty from Pokemon, Sailor Scouts (male Sailor Moon characters) and I can go on and on. But lets go a bit further – what if you’re a trans-gender cosplayer? Now, cosplaying doesn’t imply sexual orientation, preference, etc, but for some reason it still pops up in the community. I’ve seen girls FLAWLESSLY cosplay as guys and have overheard the comment, “Oh! You’re a girl? You must be gay…” or something along the lines of that. Now, imagine being trans-gender and getting, “Oh! You’re a girl? Wait, you used to be a guy? So…what are you?” That phrase. “What are you?” Um, a cosplayer?

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Cosplaying is a chance to get away from “normal” life and wondering if someone is a girl, boy, boy-cosplaying-as-a-girl, vise versa or other is a waste of time. We’re here to wear/be our favorite characters – regardless of gender. The only question that should be asked is, “How did you contour like that?” and maybe a few questions about binding, lashes, and other cosmetic changes. Outside of that don’t think too hard about whether or not this person is gay, lesbian, trans, pan, etc. It doesn’t matter. Enjoy yourself, cosplay whoever, whatever, however.


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