Welcome Baby Crochet Cosplay!!

I’m beyond excited to announce that my baby girl is finally here! Thursday evening I went 13087894_10209776876244928_357210940907711312_ninto labor and Friday morning at 11:57am I delivered a healthy baby girl. There were no complications and spent the weekend in the hospital to recover and adjust to having a newborn.

She’s amazing and I cannot believe that after all this time she’s here! Her dad and I are excited to get her started on all things fandom from Doctor Who to Firefly and of course, anime. Writing this blog is hard because I cannot find the words to express how happy I am right now. She’s precious and my entire world and I get to be a mom!

Needless to say, she’ll only be a month old by the time Momocon rolls around (1 month!) so she won’t be at the convention. I’ll be there on and off all weekend, but baby comes first. Maybe by DragonCon or AWA she’ll be ready…*starts thinking of cosplay ideas*

I cannot wait for her to grow up and start cosplaying with me and her dad. You guys, I’m a mom!

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