MomoCon is Nigh!

Momocon logoAnd the countdown begins! Momocon, one of Atlanta’s fastest growing conventions, is only  14 days away! I’ve begun working on my lineup for the weekend and I have 2 cosplays to finish. It’s tradition to start and/or work on a cosplay at the last possible minute. Only a few of my friends manage to complete their cosplays within a reasonable amount of time before a convention. Usually, when this happens the still throw on another cosplay to work on in their “free time.” Why we do we do this to ourselves? I’ll never know, but meanwhile, I have at least 1 cosplay completed and two more to work on before Momocon.

For Momocon, I have three outfits lined up – Captain America, Chicha and a mystery cosplay.

Momocon Lineup

I’ve been working on Chicha for awhile and originally wanted it done while I was still pregnant, but that didn’t happen. So many other things happened – I moved, I changed jobs, school, and mostly I became even MORE pregnant and then I became a mom. I’m not going to be THAT hard on myself, but I DO want Chicha done for Momocon.

During Momocon, I will be hosting two panels with Vera Mahiri, Crystal Mack and Shela Ongaku Ami for our Scissors, Needles and Yarn Oh My! Friday night we’ll have a panel from 7-8pm on teaching and inspiring the many ways yarn can spice up the world of cosplay.  On Saturday from 2:30-3:30 we’ll have a workshop where you can learn how to crochet! Outside of those two panels, I’ll be live tweeting events all weekend on my Twitter and Youtube page.

I cannot wait for Momocon to get here and to be with my fans and friends again! Do you have a lineup for Momocon? Share it with me on Facebook. You guys, 14 days!!

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