MomoCon 2016 Review

This is my fifth year attending MomoCon and it will always be one of my favorite Atlanta  conventions. This year was very different for me since, at the last minute, I decided to bring my baby girl with me and I had to take care of her all weekend. It was fun! We got in so many pictures – I even made a Happy (Fairy Tail) hat for her and I cosplayed as Natsu. It wasn’t all great – there were some trying moments like when she pooped down her pant leg (surprising, she didn’t get anything on me!) and when she cried during a panel I really wanted to go to, but overall it was still a great experience.

MomoCon had a few hiccups this year and I explain all that in my vlog.

I hope to see you guys again next year at MomoCon! If you’re a con-mom (Convention going, child toting, awesome parent) share your experiences with me! What was your first convention as a con-mom and what did you learn? What would you do differently, what have to changed, etc. Also, if this was your first MomoCon what did you like about it? Share your thoughts with me – thanks!

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