New Store Items and Atlanta Comic Convention!

I’ve been super busy these last few days. Mostly, I’ve been working on restocking my Etsy  and Scott’s Marketplace stores and finishing off commissions.DSC_0991

I’m excited to announce that I finally decided to do the thing and I’m on n Atlanta Comic Convention‘s wait list for an Artist Alley Table! I’m nervous, but I have a little less than a month and a half to make 10 hats, bags, maybe some scarves or gloves, plushies and maybe 2 or 3 baby blankets. If I don’t get a table at least I’ll have stock. If I DO get a table then I’ll be getting that good ole’ experience, lol.

My latest project is ATLA Water Tribe tote. Unfortunately, I had to take out the whole thing because the image to crochet didn’t look right. I’m working on it again and hopefully, won’t have to take it out again…ripping out stitches is never fun.

13559005_1041071625985349_189376538279382065_oBut, after I get this one done I will work on an Air Nation, Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation tote! I’m excited and need to crochet faster. Most of these things will be for sale at ACC (if I get a table) and online at one or both of my stores. I’ll be live streaming later next week on my page with progress about the tote bag and more! Until then, happy crocheting!



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