CONjuration 2016 Review

conjurationI was so lucky to be able to attend CONjuration this year as well as host a crochet workshop panel! The panels – on Friday and Saturday – went well and I had a great turn out. The convention itself was great, but there could have been some improvements…


  1. The rooms picked for the panels had sufficient space and being such a small hotel this was impressive. The main events area had enough seats to fit everyone and the dealers hall was big enough for vendors to display their stock without being on top of one another. The artist alley was a bit small, but still sufficient enough for con goers to walk around without knocking over merchandise.
  2. The panels were FUN and very family friendly. This is particularly hard to do when you have an age range from older adult to little kid. I saw many younger children (maybe about 5 or 6yrs old?) have fun and even had fun at the more “adult” panels with their parents. By adult I mean, more discussion, less hands on activities.
  3. Finally, this is more of a point on their staff – the hotel and convention staff were very helpful all weekend and this is also hard to do. I couldn’t find a room at one point and both con-staff and hotel staff knew where it was. Given, it is a small hotel and it’s not easy to get lost, having both departments know what is where is helpful if/when a child needs to find a room their parents are in.


1. Parking. This is almost always an issue with any con I go to, but I would STRONGLY suggest for CONjuration to potentially look for a bigger hotel as their con gains popularity and traction. Again, hotel staff was more than helpful, but on Saturday I had to park in the lot across the street from the hotel. I had my daughter and other stuff with me and it was a bit of a trek. I can’t imagine other parents who brought their little ones along who had to do this, too.


Overall, CONjuration was one of the best smaller cons I’ve been to in Georgia and I can’t wait to go again next year. What was your con-experience like? Share your pros and cons in the comments section below. Thanks!

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