“BunnyWatch Lucio”      Momocon 2017

Crochet Cosplay is my way of finding my “niche” in cosplaying. I’ve been crocheting for over 8 years now and have expanded my skill from bags and scarves to full blown costumes. I attended my first convention – DragonCon – in 2011 and I discovered cosplaying.

Everywhere I looked con-goers had these amazing cosplays! Hand-sewn or bought, everyone around me was dressed as their favorite characters and I wanted to join them. I tried learning how to sew and realized it’s a lot harder than it looks and even after a few classes I still didn’t have a handle on it. So, what could I do now?

Crochet. That’s what I could do. After four years of trying to sew more complex projects and failing I decided to pick up convert my cosplays to strictly and completely crocheted outfits.

My first completed crochet cosplay was Ezra Scarlet from “Fairy Tail.” I made her pants
two weeks before Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2014. I received amazing feedback from the cosplay community and decided to make bigger and more complex cosplays.

Mizore edit 21
“Rosario Vampire: Mizore” Momocon 2015

Since debuting at Anime Weekend Atlanta, I’ve completed Mizore’s outfit from Rosario Vampire and Raven from Teen Titans. I’ve completed commissions and have an Etsy Store for some of my pre-made projects. Cosplaying has taught me one thing and that is I can make whatever I set my mind to and I love challenging myself to make bigger, more complicated cosplays each year!


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